Corn Flour

Corn flour is made from finely ground cornmeal. Corn flour stands next to Wheat and Rice flour in highest consumption. It is rich in dietary fiber, hence very good for heart. The best thing about corn flour is that it is gluten-free a great ingredient for people allergic to gluten and cannot have flours that have gluten. As a result of its thickening it can be used in preparing soup, sambar etc. It can also be used it in cakes, cookies, pies or puddings it will stand you in good stead since it does not impart any additional flavour.

The nutritional values for white and yellow corn flour are similar, and either one can be part of a balanced diet. Corn flour is healthiest when you consume it in moderation along with nutrient-dense foods. Corn flour can give you good amount of calories and fuel you with good energy. It is also rich in carbohydrates. It is also low in sodium and therefore good for people suffering from high blood pressure.

Soya Chunks

Soya chunk is a rich in protien food. It is used as a substitute for Meat for a vegeterian diet. It is obtained from soya bean during soya-bean oil extraction. Hence it is a defatted soya product. Panchamrutha Soya Chunks are available in pouches. Soya Chunks are quick and easy to cook.

Nutritional Vaue:100 gms of soya chunks contains 52g of protein and 33g of carbohydrate majorly.

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